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Workers' Compensation Claims Services

Workers' compensation claims can take a huge bite out of your productivity. So from the initial report of injury through an employee's return to work, The Hartford workers' compensation claim program focuses on reducing your administrative burdens while helping control your insurance claim costs. Here are just a few ways we can help manage your workers' compensation claims throughout every stage of the process.

Before the injury:
Expert loss control services. The Hartford offers its business insurance customers easy access to expert risk management information and assistance. Tap into this expertise, and we can help you identify and address hazardous conditions that may put you at greater risk of workplace injuries.

At the time of the injury:
Early claim reporting. We offer a 24-hour, toll-free hotline that our policyowners can use to quickly report claims. Not only does this facilitate prompt, appropriate care for your employee, it automatically produces any first reports of injury that are required by your state.

Toll-free network referral unit. Through this unit, we can help you quickly locate providers closest to your business or employee who specialize in workers' compensation-related injuries and who are committed to returning employees to productive work as soon as appropriate.

Countrywide provider networks. The Hartford offers its policyowners access to a variety of provider networks around the country, encompassing nearly 200,000 physicians and 3,000 hospitals.

Throughout the recovery:
Nurse case managers. These highly trained specialists will work closely with you, the injured employee, and the medical care team to facilitate the employee's recovery as well as his or her return to work. This helps you reduce your costs and helps your employee return as quickly as possible to a pre-injury lifestyle.

Sophisticated catastrophic injury care. If one of your employees is severely injured, you'll rest easier knowing our catastrophic injury care team will be dedicated to optimizing your employee's recoveries while minimizing your financial risk.

Comprehensive vocational rehabilitation. At The Hartford, we focus on helping our policyowners get their injured workers back to productive work as soon as possible. This practice is beneficial both to the emotional health of the injured worker and the financial health of the business.

In case you're sued:
Comprehensive litigation management. To help you address lawsuits quickly and strategically, The Hartford employs 260 attorneys across the country. And when we do utilize outside law firms to represent our business insurance policyowners, we control their costs with the help of sophisticated legal audit and billing software.

When it comes to paying the bill:
State-of-the-art medical bill processing. Our carefully negotiated discounts with network providers, combined with our sophisticated bill screening software, have enabled us to cut our customers' medical costs an average of 40%.

Specially trained subrogation personnel. These specialists focus on getting claim dollars from other responsible parties whenever appropriate.

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